Birthdays Venues

So, now you have committed to stay with each other. Congratulations! The next step is to organize a grand engagement party. This is the exciting phase for both of you and your partner. There are several things to plan. The first step is to choose the wedding engagement venue for the party.

Though, traditionally the engagement parties were hosted at the house of the bride or groom and by inviting some of the guests and close friends. But, now the engagement party is organized at an event venue planned and decorated by the event managers or party planners. The Ambassador Venues can help you to pick the best engagement party venues in Sydney.

Arranging an engagement event is a daunting task and the planning should be done properly. At The Ambassador Venues, we know how to make your engagement a lifetime memorable and cherishing event. All our engagement party venues in Sydney have enough spaces to accommodate about 350 guests at a time. Our exclusive Venues center has two stylish rooms that will impress your guests. You can choose from our wide selection of packages as per your preferences.

Want to have an engagement party that you will cherish forever? Choose from our engagement party venues in Sydney and we will help you in organizing, planning, decoration menu selection, and arrangement. Contact us to start planning for your special occasion.

Our aim is to put the sparkle in your engagement day, a momentous occasion that should surpass time. We Offer Engagement Ceremony, Pre-wedding Event preparation and arrangements.

We believe that every soon to be bride and groom deserves an elegant celebration to remember. Our mission is to ensure your soon to be marriage turns to a “happily ever after”!

Enjoy our wide selection of packages to suit your needs for this memorable night.

With a diverse range of menus, your guests can enjoy dishes from all sorts of backgrounds selected by you.

The exquisite Ambassador Venues includes two stylish rooms, catering up to 350 guests. We’re sure you and your guests will be impressed with the Ambassador Venues.

Book in a time to see our venue and let us start your celebration for Engagement Ceremony or Pre-wedding Event.

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